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coolant to intake manifold

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I have the head out of my buddys car right now. Would it be benifical to not reconnect the coolant lines to the intake manifold, or should I reconet them?

He is going for maximum gas milage daily driver, although if any performance could be picked up without scrificing drivabilty he is all for it.
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Hi I would keep it hook up if He wants the best MPG :)
Joe Crowe said:
Hi I would keep it hook up if He wants the best MPG :)
I assume that it actually does serve to cool the air intake? I was not sure if the 220* water would cool the intake, or if it would just heat it up. Did not really see why it would lower GM if it heated it up rather than cooled it down.
Intake Coolant Lines


The coolant lines going to the intake manifold are there to heat the intake manifold for better fuel atomization....Some people have removed it with no ill effects, others have a bypass setup to block it during the summer, but allows the coolant to flow during the winter months. Compare gas milage with coolant lines to without coolant lines.....only way to tell if it makes a difference on your friends car.

You could try to make a small heat exchanger and hook the lines up to that instead and run the fuel through the other side. Heat just the fuel.

I'm going to try it out on one of my cars...one of these days.
what are you planning to get the heat exchanger from s? This brings up a bunch of questions :D. The computer thinks the fuel and air are about the same temp, but if the fuel is hotter, it will be less dense, requiring more fuel volume of fuel to get the same weight of fuel. With a carburator, jet it up, no prob. With a TBI setup you are going to need to calibrate your computer to compensate for this. I'm interested because fuel atomization can be a big issue, and in the name of power it seems non beneficial to heat up the whole manifold, thats the reason for cold air intakes, ported heads, turbos, etc. is to get more/denser air into the combustion chamber. Hope I didn't steal the thread :) Cordes, hook up a valve and have one side bypass and one side go to the manifold and tell us what happens when you switch it.
Its to preheat the intake and also to stop it from icing up. With it being TBI, I would say leave it alone, Port injected engines its disconnected and makes a tad more power.
I guess the best thing would be to get your average mileage with it hooked up, then disconnect them and redo the test and also note any driveability issues. Also, the computer will adjust accordingly!
Well we just left it conected for simplicity, and the car just fired up a couple of days ago. When the old hoses begin to leak, which looks like it should not take long, we will probalably bypass it.
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