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cooling system help?

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First, the specs:
91 Spirit ES, 3.0 V6, 3spd auto

Next, the problem:
I recently had a new radiator put in, and then realized that my overflow tank had a hole in it, so a little elbow grease and 10 bucks to a junkyard later, I thought the problem was fixed. I was wrong. After a tank of gas or so, I checked the coolant level in the car. To my surprise, the overflow tank was COMPLETELY EMPTY! I filled it up today and haven't checked it yet, but I was wondering if anyone has had this sort of problem before and if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix it, or even where to start looking. I thought the hoses might need to be tightened, or that something besides the overflow tank was leaking, but there is no coolant leaking from anywhere that I can see. Help me please! A gallon of coolant should NOT just disappear!
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pin hole in radiator? antifreeze is thinner than water and will escape quicker and from smaller areas than water.
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