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Correct Silver paint for Shelby Ground FX

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What paint has anyone been using to paint their silver ground effects?? Thanks.
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Code QA1 is the silver on a Black/Red/Blue Shelby Charger, not sure on the fancy name of it, it is always referred to as just "silver"
(This is not the same color as on say a 89 Daytona Shelby GFX, which I would call gray - don't know what that is off the top of my head)

What car are you painting?
for the charger it would be called raidient silver

the colour of the 89 daytona trim eludes me too
Thanks guys. I'm working on fixing up my 84 Charger and plan on making it look like an 85 Charger 2.2 with all the ground effects (including the Shelby quarter trim pieces which were left off the Charger 2.2/Turismo2.2) and the graphics. Some progress photos below


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ok now your makin me wish I still had mine

looks like you have a good bit of work into it already
Been working on it since February. Pulled it off the road to do the bodywork/paint right after July 4TH weekend. Hoping to get it to paint by the end of this week. Reassembly will take another week. I'll have to wait about a month to put on the tape graphics. I can't wait. You don't see any Charger 2.2's around. I haven't had a single reply to my request for photos of the 2.2 either.
click on my site name , click profile , click "all albums" , click scrapbook - you should find some old adds , I think there's some 2.2's in there for ya
I got her back from the paint shop yesterday and finished putting things back together today. Waiting on the silver Charger 2.2 stripes from Positive Impressions to arrive. I'll have to give the paint another couple weeks before I can apply them.


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Paint looks great

Looks just like my buddies 84 Charger... until it was sacrificed to save the 87 Shelby
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