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*** Congratulations to Lotashelbys - April 2010 COTM ***

please take a moment to congratulate Lotashelbys for winning COTM

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*** Congratulations to Polygon - June 2010 COTM ***

Congratulations on winning June 2010 COTM!!! :thumb:

Ride: 1989 Chrysler LeBaron GTC Turbo II
Engine: 2.2L
Induction Info: Factory T03
Modifications: Full 3" Mandrel Exhaust, DynoMax Race Bullet, Konis, Eibach Pro Kit, PolyBushing Bushings and Mounts, TU 4-Puck With Yellow Pressure Plate, CS Racer Solid Panhard Bar, Strut Tower Bar, Porterfield RS-4 Pads, R1 Concepts Slotted Rotors, ATE Super Blue Fluid, FWD Performance SS Flex Lines, SS Hard Lines
Mileage: 78,000

I bought this car from another member of the boards. He was selling because his son backed the family Buick into it and the damage was more than the car was worth. I flew to Ohio and bought the car for $600 and drove it back to Utah. Work began and eventually the body work and paint was done after pulling the dent, fixing the door, and forming new rockers by hand due to body cancer. Plus a ton of other custom work to get it to where it is along with powder coating all the under body metal. Next is to work over the interior. After that, the drive-train.


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Congrats Rick!!!

I came across this car on Craigs List a couple weeks ago. My wife had been on me to find her a nice clean station wagon to replace our 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.7L that she drives over 120 miles a day.

I really had been looking to find a super clean - mid 90's Taurus wagon for a future V6 SHO conversion. She was all for the Taurus idea since our first car was a 96 Taurus that we got many many miles out of with very little maint.

As luck would have it this 51k mile 1987 Town & Country popped up while doing my daily search of CL.

I've always had a soft spot for the turbo woody wagons and this car looked to be one of the best examples I had seen in a very long time. Being the car was 130 miles away the soonest I could go take a look would be the weekend.

That Saturday my sons and I loaded up in my F150 and headed over to Ecklers in Titusville to pick up some parts for my Corvette project. I was still on the fence with the whole 87 woody wagon idea. The car looked nice in the pics but as we all know pics cover up many flaws. As we were getting ready to leave Ecklers I put the address in the GPS to where the woody was located....it was only 30 more miles up the road.

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