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Couple questions

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Alright so yesterday I got my entire lower end put together and had a chance to put the head in place. But I couldn't finish everything before I had to stop. So I had to leave the oil return hose smushed aginst the return tube, and I only got a chance to torque the head bolts through the 45-65-65. Will leaving it like this for a few days be a problem? Or should I crawl under the van in the rain and connect that hose and well as finish the 1/4 turn on the head bolts as fast as I can? Just want to make sure I'm not hurting anything by leaving it like this.
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None of that should be an issue at all. Id re do the 65 one more time before doing the 1/4 turn though, just to be sure. Most likely, they wont move at all, but better safe.
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