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so I figured I would post them for sale here and see what response I get, Hopefully they will all sell within a short period, if not no big loss..

Anyways heres whats available:

GFX/Rear spoiler.... 250
T2 wiring harness 100
Shelby Steering wheel 150
Shelby Boost gauge 50
Shelby Monroe Shocks/struts 200
Shelby Sway bars 100
Quick Ratio steering rack and related parts 100
Shelby Dash Plaque and insert 100
520 Trans and cables(109k miles) 100
Shelby CSX LM and PCM 100
Shelby Disc brakes front and back 150

All prices do not include shipping, my zip is 84118 so get a quote and i can work with you a little bit.

Any questions call me as I cant always check this site.. 801-654-9429
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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