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CSX-T Help Needed

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Hoping a CSX-T owner could measure the SHELBY CSX-T on the door panels for me. I need the lenghth and heighth of the SHELBY and the CSX-T and roughly the space between the two.
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I know I don't own the only CSX-T on here!! Seriously guys help a fellow TD'er out. It will take you 5min to do this!
My T is about an hour away from where I am living now, but I will be visiting her this weekend if nobody gets to you before then. I can certainly take some measurements for you. I assume you are making new decals? I'd be interested in buying a set in the near future as I am fairly certain that I'll be doing some minor bodywork and a repaint in a few months.

I have had my vinyl guy do all them for my car. I have all the logos and can get everything but the turbo and stripes on the hood. If you get me the measurements I will send you a set of the lowers since they are hard to find. He charges me $5.00 at the most. Most the time he doesn't charge. Gotta love contract sign/vinyl guys!!!

THey are straight vinyl b/c printed on clear vinyl looks bad to me, but you have to for the small csx-t on the front & back.

hey I got 3 of them I will measure one when I get home from work and let you know the numbers
Thank you very much!!!! Let me know if you want some copies for yourself...free of charge of course.

here are the measurments
overall length from S to T is 31 inches
the shelby sticker is 21.5 inches
the gap between them is 1 inch
the csx-t is 9.5 inches
the shelby letters are 2.5 inches tall
the csx-t letters are 1.25 inches tall
the t is 2 inches from the front of the door
the Shelby is 20 inches from the back of the door

I hope this helps let me know if you need a pic or more measurments that I forgot I would love a set when they get finished I have to repaint my car anyways.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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