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Custom 2.5" intercooler kit for P-body with Talon BOV

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I have for sale a custom intercooler and piping kit I put together for my 1990 Sundance RS. It is all 2.5" mandrel bent aluminum piping with red silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps. I had a friend make a custom DSM style flange and TIG weld it so the included 1st gen uncrushed Talon BOV bolts right on. Also included is a black anodized aluminum vacuum block with fittings and a cone air filter.

The whole kit installs on a stock T1 P-body with only a few modifications. It should work on a T2 P-body also, but I believe the silicone reducer for the turbo is a different size. I had to cut holes for the pipes in the front radiator support sheetmetal, as you would with any FMIC. I removed the foglights, although you could probably trim the brackets if you want to keep them. I had to relocate the radiator overflow bottle and one of the airbag sensors. The battery is rotated and moved slightly from the stock location. I took a lot of pics so you can see how it fit on my car before I took it apart. It tucks up under the car higher than the rad support so you won't ever drag or scrape the intercooler on a speed bump or driveway.

The pipes are not in perfect polished mint condition. Some of them have marks from trial fitting and installation. No damage but not show car quality.

Asking $200 + actual shipping costs. E-mail [email protected] or PM/Reply here. Payment via Paypal or Money Order only. Located in Central MO, USA.

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How much HP this fmic can handle ?
Is it much bigger than a stock TII intercooler ?
The core is 18" wide, 11" tall and 2.75" thick. A stock T2 intercooler is about 12" x 6.5" x 3". Since this is a "same side" inlet and outlet, the air goes all the way through the IC and then turns around and comes back through it again, so I guess technically it's more like a 36" x 5.5" x 2.75" core. That would make it almost 3 times the size of a stock T2 intercooler.

I do not know how much HP it can handle. I expected it to still be efficient with a T2 Garrett at around 20 psi, but I never got to try it. It did hold 15 psi on a Mitsubishi with no problems. It is an EMUSA brand I got off eBay, I'm pretty sure their ad rates it for 600+ HP but I don't really trust that number.

Just noticed the pics are huge. Sorry about that.
how hard would this kit be to adapt to a 86 laser ?
Is this set up still for sale? Would you be willing to take $150 shipped? PM me if it sounds like something we could work out. Looking to upgrade the intercooler setup on my Daytona.
It has been sold locally. Sorry I didn't get any notification there were replies, I must not have checked the option correctly when I made the post.
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