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custom vacuum lines/block?

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I have a 89 Shelby Daytona and the vacuum lines are ALL messed up(previous owner) and I've seen some custom vacuum setups that I'd like to try out. I just want to know how to put that little aluminum vacuum block on and make the engine run like stock. by the way its a 2.2 turbo II setup. please explain it every step of the way. thanks guys I appreciate it.:D
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vac block just connects to the intake,its really easy to do


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First one is the stock set up (relatively) with the vac block. Second picture is how I run my set up on my shelby

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If you are doing a stock setup, you would only need 5 nipples, 3 lines go to their respective solenoids on the passenger fenderwell, 1 goes to the boost gauge, and 1 goes to the FPR. If you add things and delete things, such as the purge/charcoal canister, or a blow off valve, then thats where you need to list out the different vacuum controlled devices you are running, in order to know the minimum ammounts of ports you "need" to run.
thanks guys the diagram/info helped me out ALOT THANKS!
I got all the parts from McMaster-Carr, you can get the manifold with holes on one or 2 sides, and with different number of holes. You can also get the brass nipples in different sizes to fit the size vacuum lines you're using.

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You can also mount it to your firewall if you don't want to drill and tap.


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Not tot thread jack but it could be helpful for this thread. I installed a vac block last week and i'm wondering what this line I highlighted goes to. On my TB that orifice is solid which would block off whatever that line connects to.

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so you have a cap on it?
No its a solid orifice as in its not a hole into the TB, its just a barb. But what does that line run to?
Just checked the one on the shop table.. I can push air through by blowing into it... Wonder whats wrong with the one on my car..also bump for what that line runs to

NEVER mind I found out that i'm part retard.. We capped the line..
hey chargeddust where did you get that strut tower stabilizer?
Guy on Ebay sells them. Mike Combs I think.
Yes he is correct. Link here--

Dodge Daytona Shelby-Strut Tower Brace UPGRADED PERFORM: eBay Motors (item 270431102003 end time Oct-14-10 18:12:17 PDT)

I see his prices went down too. I bought that silver Daytona in his posting 2 maybe 3 years ago from him.
Hey guys, i'm wondering if anyone can send or post some pictures of how my vacuum set up on my 91 daytona turbo is supposed to be? I already have the diagram but i think " real " pictures would help. I need to know which solenoid is the purge and which is for the wastegate, what lines come off the turbo and where they connect, what lines come off the airbox and where they connect. I am not sure as when i bought the car, the lines were all missing or improperly connected. I used the diagram to get most of them, but if someone else has pictures of a stock set up, i would be forever greatful. It's running ok, just not boosting like it should. I can only get about 3-4 pounds of boost, and i know i should be pushing 13, right? Thanks again. It's a stock 1991 daytons turbo with a 2.5 motor. I want to get to know my car and think it's crazy to pay someone $75 an hour just to reconfigure my vacuum lines!
Stock boost on a T-1 is 7 lbs.

Send a PM to jtcm4fam...
He has a 91 Daytons 2.5L T-1 and I helped him install a vacuum block a few months back so he should be able to help with more info with relationship to the vacuum line routing/solenoid location and possibly some pics.
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