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Dare I say fastest VNT powered 1989 CSX

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13.67 @ 100.76 with a 2.059 60ft. I trying to locate the video.

For now here is a 13.88 pass. Keep in mind this car is almost completely stock.
Cone air filter, larger I/C, no cat, fwd stage2 comp, drag radials and ground effects removed(fixing them).

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just go eat some stangs and iroc zs in it!
already done, check out the videos:thumb:

TurboAZ's Channel - YouTube
I wish I was able to put a manual in my 89 daytona while it was running good. I was getting 2.4 60ft 13.8 at 100mph. and 0-60 in 5.6 with the stock mitsu turbo. But that was on 18psi. After dropping in a T-2 Garrett that the Pope sent me out I was doing flat 13.6 at 104. 0-60 in 4.9 Think I got my 60ft down to 2.2 on all season tires. And that was on a terrible a-413.
I got a 2.2 60 ft on my stone stock 05 PT Cruizer and auto trans :thumb:
Ok, pulled the motor apart yesterday. #4 does not look too happy. all the cyl bores look good though. should have the new motor back together in a couple of days.


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ouch ive had a few of those, need to dial up the fuel to cool off those pistons
yeah, i slipped my main vac/pressure hose and it leaned out. in my haste to get back to the track, i did not secure it properly and paid for it.

New motor has been in,
Mod list has changed

Stock computer
Stock intercooler
Stock down pipe
Stock Cat
2.5" exhaust cat back
Cone air filter
Custom cam

Boost is at 16psi

Car is running rich down low, but I am really impressed with the #'s.

214.3 WHP 238.5 TRQ

246.5 Flywheel HP 274.2 Flywheel TRQ
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Did some more tinkering best dyno pull to date, pulled a little fuel out. Made 4 runs, all produced the same #'s. This will be all for this car for a while, as I am out of time and need to focus on other projects.

Boost spike to 17 psi then settles in around 15 psi.

218.4whp 264.1wtrq

251.2flyhp 303.7flytrq

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