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When the car shuts off will it restart right away?
Power to the fuel pump, injector, + coil and HO2S is on the DG/BK wire from the ASD relay. If the engine losses the crank signal from the HEP the ASD will shut down.
So, what are you losing when the car shuts down?
Are any fault codes set?
Check the ASD circuit by grounding the DB/YL wire on the underhood diagnostic connector with the key on/engine off, power should be present at the injector and + coil and the fuel pump will run.If so the ASD is ok, unhook your ground and while cranking the engine see if power is present at the + coil, if so the HEP is probably ok.
Connect a fuel pressure gauge and check fuel pressure, is it in specs, does it hold pressure,does pressure drop off when the vehicle shuts off?
If fuel pressure is lost when the vehicle shuts off be sure you have proper power and ground at the pump, repair wiring as necassary, if ok replace the pump.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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