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daytona RWD progress pics

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havent started swapping it in yet, but have made a lot of progress with the axle itself.

I chose to go with the chrysler 9.25, axle is BEEFY, its used in 3/4 ton dodge trucks, but this one is out of late 70's dodge magnum, 31 spline with c clips, factory LSD. its a similar width to the daytona (i think its a hair wider), doesnt really matter, ill order wheels to fit. Plus it allows me to keep everything mopar.

Set up so far is disc brakes off of a grand cherokee, diff cover that i made... 1/2" aluminum diamond plate. still debating on a 3 link w/ panhard or a triangulated 4 link. im going to run QA1 coil overs.

anyway, heres some pics

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Looks good, lets see more!
Hey Rock I'm doing the same swap. I have an 8.75 diff though that needs brakes I was looking at Grand Cherokee stuff as well
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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