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Question for knowledgable folks

Looking to install correct 89-89 Daytona Shelby rear springs into my k-car build, unfortunately my Daytona Shelby parts car for the project has broken rear springs due to excessive rust and abuse.

I want to buy new, but want the correct Daytona Shelby springs, not base model, etc.

Link below to rockauto options, can anybody offer insight to the correct spring, or measurments, specs?


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a friend had an 89 shelby daytona brand new

every time I saw it I thought "man that thing's a mile in the air"

98's do look high perched to me


my first blue 86 turbo z drove much nicer than my second blue 86 turbo z

lighter , free-er better feeling car..came with a/c ONLY
no power anything or rear wiper

second car had the power mirrors and rear wiper

me thinks, the base power group cars were the starting point for a different spring installation ..MAYBE, you know , for what might be a heavier car(?) (16 way seat = 72#)

also ... I found turbo z's sit about an inch lower than an 87-9 shelby z/daytona

-save as , my siggy pic below
it will go blurry when enlarged but you should be clearly able to see the difference front wheel to back as there an inch more space above the front wheel

I'd swapped the front struts and springs from the shelby z beside it

if the K car is a no options kind of deal I'd definitely want the no rear wiper 86 turbo z's springs

it would feel .. zippier than the 89 stuff
infact it would drive dammed well if the K car is nice and light too

I drove buddy's new 89 and it was much heavier and isolated feeling

the 89 , so to say , just lays there while the 86 no power group car wants to play .. if you get my meaning

add, neither 86 was a CS and there is the lightweight 89's that came with the CS option to consider also

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at this point. anything offered by any rock auto brand is going to be a 1 size fits all generic spring.

OEM 4147823 standard.

OEM 4147833 heavy duty.

also those springs are in everything from a 1985 chrylser excutive to a 1992 lebaron.

best bet might just be a used pair or them from someone that has a car with HD suspension option.
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