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Daytona Striping

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So i have a 1992 Daytona ES. its white. but it needs completely repainted. I'm repainting it WHITE. firm. no other options. But i want to put stripes on it. BLUE STRIPES. not red, not black, BLUE.

now that thats outta the way, im lookin for some opinions. ive been thinking, what kinds of stripe formats are there? and i came up with my favorie options:

2 stripes(I) w/ 2 extreme skinny stripes(|) on opposite sides |I I| all the way down the entire length of the car

2 stripes, no skinny stripes, run down towards windshield, then split off, go down the front fenders towards the bottom above the (rocker panel? i think?) and runs back to the wheel well and stops (shelby mustang style) with DAYTONA in white lettering before the wheel well at the back of the door (this is my favorite and what ill probably do)

1 stripe, 2 skinny stripes on either side |I| running the entire length

1 stripe, 2 skinny stripes on either side, euro style on either side of the car running the entire length.

comments/opinions/new ideas?
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Blue stripes down the side of the car, 1970 Challenger R/T style
That was the other one. I like that better than the Shelby thing
Maybe a two-tone on the car, blue on the bottom half, painted up to the stripe of the GFX on the top. Then perhaps a pinstripe about 1/2 inch above the blue painted GFS, following above the GFX all the way around. Somehow make a small break in the pinstriping (perhaps behind the front fenders/tires) for small SHELBY lettering.
i like the 92 Z28 striping where it cover the scoop and stays wide but thats me, but the shelby striping got me thinking that it might look pretty good, but i am also a classic stripe all the way down kinda guy, as only certain cars can pull off a offset stripe
when i do this kind of stripping i like to paint the white first then taking blue fine line tape and lay out the stripe i want to paint i then cover the rest of the car with body shop paper.(NOT PLASITC!!) after i paint the strips i remove all the paper and tape and clear over the whole car burying the blue stripes under the clear so there are no edges!!! it looks great!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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