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Detroit Dyno Day this Saturday!

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Saturday May 14th at Advanced Chassis Dyno.

Brought to you by the SDAC Great Lakes Chapter. I expect festivities to begin around 9:30am with run order preference being given to members of the Great Lakes Chapter and SDAC members. Currently there are only about 7 cars lined up so this will be a good opportunity to get some dyno time in. Three pulls will cost $65.

Paul Velliky will be in attendance if you are looking for some calibration work, HOWEVER YOU MUST CONTACT PAUL IN ADVANCE AT:

[email protected]

From 75 the best way to get there is take the 14 mile exit, then turn North around the Mall and go up the windy street around the mall parking lot in front of Circuit City to Chicaco road North. Austin Dr. is a short jog across 15 mile (Maple) to the left. When you turn onto Austin they are the 4th building on the right. 3 pine trees then a gate.

Advanced Chassis Dyno
1800 Austin Dr
Troy, MI

Hope to see you there...
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Sorry I didn't call you yesterday Dan. I have been on the road quite a bit. Hopefully your questions were answered. If not let me know.
BTW, an alternate route, which I will take, is I-75 to 14 Mile east, to John R north, to Maple west, to Austin Dr north.

Just seems more direct ... and it is all main roads.

I will be there also :)
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