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diff.between turbo and non turbo head

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ok i have a cylinder head here from another 2.2 and i want to know if it is a turbo head or not so i can just drop my parts on the engine the numbers on the head are 4105 782 and as7u3 r85 has TS stamped on it in a few places the cam that is in it says 18 and a b 9 cd

i just want to lessen the time that my car is down
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yea 'ts' means tapered shroud which is wha the turbo heads have
also my car is an 86 t1 but the head says 85 782,i know the head i have on now is a 782 and the one i have as a spare is a 782 but it says 85 on it,is there a difference
782 is 782 as lon as its "ts" read www.thedodgegarage.com, it explains it all
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