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Digital dash questions

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Does anyone on this group know how to verify either proper operation or the correct oil pressure sender for a digital dash? My OP gauge reads at the low end as soon as the key is turned on, without starting the engine. After starting it will come up mid scale. If I disconnect the sender, it reads the same as when connected with the engine not running. All other gauges read correctly. Thanks :bang head
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If you disconnect the sender with the engine not running it reads the 'low' setting, but without the warning flashing? Is that correct?

My Digi dash in my Acclaim seems to work about the same way. What if you have the engine running... then disconnect the sender, it drops then correct?

Is this a factory install, or did you do this yourelf?

- Jim
Jim, the only change I have made in the dash was to install a tachometer module from a Dodge 600ES. I think all the Mark Cross models were digital. I haven't tried disconnecting it with the engine running. The light is on before starting, but stays out with the engine running. The original engine in this car was a 2.6L Mitsubishi, I gave it to my uphostery shop owner for spare parts for his 83.
Update, this morning it decided to actually read full low (red LED at left end) before starting, after getting to work I shut it off and turned the key back on, same thing, full low with engine not running.
i get the samething in my convert. im thinking it could be the sending/receiving units.
Yes, I heard about the sending units doing this also.... and that it effects the digital dash more adversly then the analog dashes.

- Jim
Latest info, engine grounds good .007 volt drop from engine to battery negative. Oil pressure 50 psi at cold start idle, drops to 10-15 psi hot idle in gear, climbs to 45-50 [email protected] rpm. This is within Chrysler specifications. Voltage at sender wire open circuit or sender plugged in, engine not running, key on is 7.87 volts. Running voltage drops to 6.21 as soon as engine is started hot, drops to 5.21-5.16 volts @3000 rpm. Any body have one of the old Chrysler digital dash diagnostic manuals? I tried my rebuilt 86 Laser dash, voltage is the same, but reads correctly. Dash passes in-car diagnostic tests. Occasionally, it will work correctly, and yes, I have been near some British cars with it.
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