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Directions- Installing WG can with head on

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Well Im buying an 88 Wastegate can off of SupercrackerBox, and its going on my 88 Garrett (Im sure everyone is aware of my situation, so I will spare you the details). So my question is this, how would I go about installing the WG can and arm with the head on? I really would like to have a rough idea first before I attempt this. If I cant do it it's no problem, Ill just drive up to OhioRobs.
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Hook the end of the wastegate arm on the swingvalve first, then install the e-clip, then bolt the can to the housing. If clearance is tight, you can always tilt the engine forwards a little by removing the front engine mount bolt. I usually hook the arm up from the passenger side, then move over to the driver's side to finish the job.
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