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1989 Daytona Shelby 2.2 TII
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I thought I might share this for anyone interested. It's a simple DIY diagnostic tool for verifying if your coolant gauge works correctly. It's simply 2 wires with a 500 ohm resistor Potentiometer in the middle, encased in a novelty plastic shotgun shell (Just because I had it laying around the house). I still have to mark the different coolant gauge markings where the dial is, but you simply turn the dial on this tool and the needle on the coolant gauge will move up and down as you move the knob and will stop where you stop turning. If you want to put the needle in the middle of the gauge or 3/4, you can.

Yes you can test to see if the gauge functions without this by putting the coolant sensor wire to ground (coolant needle should go to Hot) but with this you can put the needle wherever you want. It was easy to make and figured what the hell.


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