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Well I have been around and owned Dodges for as far back as I can remember.I just acquired an 87 Shelby lancer and know nothing about it.I cant find a production # on it anywhere.Does anyone know if I can run the vin to find the prod. # This is my first experience with an animal of this nature so any outside expertise would be really appreciated.I had a really decent first gen Neon R/T and also a sport for day to day.Since I was old enough to drive it has always been a Dodge product.Had a few rams and am now in an 01 Dakota, sport plus pkg with all the bells and whistles.Nice truck but I am ready to get back to the sports car side of life.So I hope I am not trying to step on toes or seem out of line but if anyone is interested in the little truck then drop me a [email protected] thanks for any future help I am sure I will be here alot more often as I get this little lancer back in shape.
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