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Couple questions...

1. Porting. Hear the intake lower portion is not to be ported heavily. Confirmation?

2. Anti-revision. I hear about it on N/A but do not know much for boosted applications. A common way to do it on a neon was to port all but the bottom of the port, giving an Anti-revision step. But not sure if this was a good idea on a turbo car since the dynamics of the exhaust are quite a bit different. Any ideas?

3. Intake valve. I realize that going to larger exhaust ports on a turbo application isn't always the way to go (I actually just measured up SRT-4 exhaust valves to DOHC neon exhaust valves, they are quite a bit smaller), but would it be worth it to upgrade to a larger intake valve size? Perhaps back cut the stock ones instead? I read some, but there is SO much on the topic, I just wanted a more specific answer.

4. Anything else I should do before slapping this baby on? Obviously ill have it all nice and cleaned up w/ new seals and insure a straight/flat surface.

This is for my turbo mini 2.5L that will soon see a super 60 and run it as high as it will boost safely, eventually with a custom intake manifold and ported exhaust manifold, 3" SV and 3" turbo-back (with cutout right at downpipe) and all the rest of the supporting mods to do it! ;)

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