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DSM Injectors?

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Anyone use DSM 450cc injectors in their TD's?
I did a search but didn't come up with anything.
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as long as they are low impedance and 55 psi, the only other thing to worry about is size. 450cc would make them pretty close to +20s, assuming the same 55psi base fuel pressure.
I do think they are low Z but not sure, i've seen DSM resistor boxes on Ebay a few times. Not sure if they are for the turbo or the 420A engine.
I believe there like 2.7 ohms.
My good multimeter is at work, and with my assortment of crapo-meters at home they read from 8 -.5 ohms :rolleyes:
ok. I agree that they are low Z injectors. However, you got to look at the fuel inlet and outlet diameters of the injectors. I think that the DSM for the turbo and early non-turbo 2.0L motors have 14mm inlets. Where as our injectors have 18mm inlets.

Food for thought,

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