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Hey I know lots of ppl are using this set up and running it succesfully for some time, from all the ppl who are driving there cars in the summer, guessing that most are parked in the winter. Do you think this is a durible engine, ièm thinking it must be if some are running 10-12 sec and still driving them daily with up to 7000miles
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I should mention that I live in BC and would like to drive the rocky mountain hiways pretty hard. I myself am a hard driver and I know my wifes Honda suffers when we go on a trip......Drew
Anyone want to buy a Honda :eek:
Only as reliable as the 20yr old car you put it, only as
reliable as how you fabricate all the custom plumbing and
supporting powertrain. 2.2/2.5 blocks and 2.0/2.4 heads
have never had any serious durability issues.
If it's not breaking your not pushing it hard enough.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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