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I bought a spare set of Valeo foglights off of ebay the other for my '92 Spirit R/T. They came off an '87 car I think. Just got them today, and well guess I learned something new. :confused: I expected the mounting brackets to be different which they were, but I suspect I could use the one's off the R/T. What really got me though is the set I bought had metal housings and glass lenses. My R/T's have plastic housings and lenses.:confused: In a sense, I feel like the later ones are more prone to cracks and breaking, but I'd like to retain a concours look on my car. Another thing, I haven't checked the plugs yet, but they should be the same, right? Although, I noticed the older set had wiring to it whereas the ones on the R/T have the plug directly molded into the housing. I'm also curious to know if someone could tell me when they changed the materials on the lights.
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