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Enforcer 2 Questions

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Who's running one and do you have any tips. I just got it on my Spirit and haven't had much time to play with it yet. Seems to take a bit longer to boost than my T2 Garret. I am using a large can wastegate, shimmed.
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Get a 3'' TU swingvalve and 3'' exhaust, no cat if you can and of course a straight through muffler. This will definitely increase spool-up.
Of course it's way laggier than a stock T2 turbo!!! You're going from a .48 stage 1 turbine wheel to a .63 stage 2 wheel!
A ported head helps spool-up a lot too, ported exhaust manifold if done right will help.
Also, you need a good intercooler, very efficient like spearco or triple stock core. The To4E wheel inside the stock cover heats things up pretty good, you need to try to keep things cool.
You are running an manual boost controller right?
Yes, I have a ported head, intakes, 3"exhaust is going on this week. I am only running a stock VNT cooler. Turbonetics 2.5 SV.
hey moparzrule i got an enforcer 2 but with the .48 turbine housing what is the big difference on the compressor side of the turbo between the stock t2 and the enforcer 2
1quik4 you need the DITCH that VNT cooler ASAP, they are JUNK and probably slower down your spool a good 200-300 RPM.

Mrbelvedere, the housing is simply machined for a larger wheel, a TO4E 46 trim to be exact. This wheel dwarfs the stock T3 wheel, but with such a large wheel inside the stock housing it creates more heat thus the need for a better intercooler.
thanks alot moparzrule i guess ill be looking for a better cooler now lol
Thank you as well. I will be looking for a larger cooler then.
If you're on a budget something like a NPR or cummins IC will do. SRT-4 IC is also a good choice and can be had for under $200.
Used but normally you can't even tell unless they beat it up taking it out....remember they are only 1-2 years old!
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