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88 Dodge Shelby Lancer 2.2L T2 with moderate upgrades

Ok so I don't know where to go from here , i feel like im missing somthing simple or I'm going NUTS!!!
Code 13 map sensor fault
started coming on now and then . Mostly was a hidden code ( check engine light was not on, but would come on for a min or two now and then)
Started to get worse ( check engine light would turn on shortly after start up, and surging once and a while, while driving)

Ok so I replaced the map sensor , fuel pressure regulator , new pigtail for the connector into the map sensor. Got a shop to pressure and smoke test my vaccum . No leaks!( not all at once , sensor first then pigtail, then vaccume testing, then fuel pressure reg)

( I generally replace and repair old parts before they need anything)

I don't know where to go from here . The surging is driving me nuts . I have my timing set to +16 but I don't think that's doing anything to cause the issue, just thought I would mention it just incase
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