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engine cuts out ?

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i have an 89 spirit with a 93 2.5 tbi engine, i had a follower go bad so i put an 88 tbi roller cam in it, it has the oem style k&n filter, and the coolant lines don't go into the intake. i'm not looking for performance just good gas milage and a dependable car. the cam really woke this car up on mid range and top end, it revs fast and makes alot more power. my problem is from a dead stop if i mash the peddle to the floor it sits there lagging for 4 or 5 seconds then the rpm's go very high fast, if i go around a curve at low speeds and put it to the floor this also happens. if i'm moving i have great midrange and top end. also if i give it a little pedal and ease into it its fine. I just want to get it to accelerate normal if i put it to the floor, without it hesitating, not because i want to go fast, but incase there is a time i need to accelerate fast to avoid an accident. any thoughts on whats wrong or how to fix it?
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Auto trans, sounds like its low on fluid. many slip when turning when they are low
Sounds most like a timing issue, might be a coulpe things,make sure your cam and crank are lined tdc,I've found the easiest way is to put it on TDC on the Flywheel window and then check the cam, That way YOU know that it's in. That line the mark to the mark on the pullys has bit me too many times, Check Distributor timing might have moved it a tooth either way, the oil pump pully runs your Dizzy , Also check your Vac lines and sensors wires, they might have got knocked off or somethings loose when you changed the cam out. Hope this helps. Later
+1 for timing
I had the same problem with my Acclaim, re timed it and now its fine.
it was the trans fluid, it was a little over a quart low when i bought the car, and i filled it up then , now it was 1-1/2 quarts low, no puddles or leaks that i can see, but everything works fine again. thanks for the help
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