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engine removal

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Getting ready to remove the engine in the 85 SC. Is it necessary to remove the drive belts along with their components before pulling the engine out?
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yes, it allows more room for the pull if your coming out of the top. if your dropping out of the bottom, i'd still pull the belts and alt and p/s pump off.
^+1 and if you're coming out the top in an L body I'd make sure your water pump housing is completely removed and out of the car, it likes to hit the core support if you leave it attached to the motor
I recently took a sc motor put of the bottom and all I took off was the alternator and power steering pump (the alternator was a nessecity)
Depends on the tools available. If you don't have a hoist or something you can use to keep it stable on it's way out, then I'd remove as much as you can to reduce weight and reduce the number of things in the way.

Personally, I like to yank the axles, PS bracket, water pump, alternator and AC stuff - even the radiator (makes it easier to get at the front engine mount, which I completely remove) then go out the bottom with it. A spare hand, a couple floor jacks, and you can have it out with no damage. No spare hands, one jack, and you can have it out with a smashed oil filter and busted dipstick tube :D
I unplug the wire harness and vac lines. Then the other little stuff and drop the whole thing complete on the floor and pull it out. A lot easier to take everything apart on the floor than in the car.
Pope: do you drop the struts with the assembly?
I didn't but it depends how much your replaceing it's kind of a waste unless your dropping the whole k-frame
if your removing out top you do not have to remove water pump but the pulley HAS to go lol i will post pictures of my motor going in my 85 shelby i got its going in top and i was doing it my self, took 20 mins to get it in and bolted in place on the outter mounts, but all the info combined does work, i remove rad, and front mount as a hole, and the alt, power steering pump, and the trans mount bracket if your taking out top,
you can see what all i removed to do my swap.
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Thanks for the info. I will be coming out of the top with a hoist. Guess I will remove all the goodies first.
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