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engine restorer in a t3

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would it be a bad idea to use engine restorer in these T3 motors, its tha stuff in the silver can or any other engine additive. I want to help ease the blow by.
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I've used it, it really does work.

Also, that old school rebuild kit in a package that uses graphite balls that you put into the bores and let it sit for 15mins really works. My B250 had a worn out 318, 8 diff comp readings, couldn't afford to rebuild it and needed a bandaid. Used that kit, and it ran awesome for another year!
All it does is create "false seals". It is thick so it coats the rings and seals and kinda seals them up by gobbing them with thick goop. I dont recommend any additives for band aiding an engine. It can also cause the rings to collapse if they are bad enough, but they woulda gone eventually anyway. If you are going for the temporary fix, it will work. This stuff is like having an old engine with sludge build up, you dont run engine flush thru them because you wash out the sludge and presto....leaks everywhere! But like TURBOVAN said "temporary fix". His lasted a year, yours might and it might not. My opinion is if you know you are gonna have an engine problem, rebuild it before you have a rod hangin from the block.
i would think in a turbo motor that it wouldnt last very long if at all
It really does work, its a bandaid fix that will postpone the inevitable, but use the 6 cyl can and give it a few hundred miles and your compression will come up. Ive used it in a few cars and recently in a turbo Honda, we got a bad cylinder from 130 to 190, so give it a whirl.
so either the graphite balls or the engine restorer are equals. Sounds like the graphite balls would be best as they focus on the area I need them to. And it sounds like they create less slugde.
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