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i have a 1989 chryster lebaron with the 2.5L turbo that i intercooled and did different odds and ends, its also an automatic transmission, i just bought a 88 dodge daytona shelby Z with the 2.2L turbo 2 with a manual transmission that has a piston slap and alot of different issues. i want to swap the 2.5L turbo with the 2.2L turbo into the dodge daytona. will it fit? what do i have to do to the engine to make it a manual? do i need different motor mounts? the daytona has a 2.5L engine stock option so i was hopeing i dont have to swap the mounts, or buy new ones. anything else that you can think of that i missed? anyone else done it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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