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Erratic oil pressure with stock guage readings!

I have seen so many oil presssure guage problems I have come up with this.

You are driving along, idling etc and your STOCK oil pressure guage drops out. What do you do. Pull over and check your oil level. If its full thats good. Start the car, if its quiet, drive home or to the nearest auto parts store. You have 2 options, you can buy a nice Autometer guage to install in the car permantley or buy a cheapo one just to temporarily install to test your oil pressure.

When you get home, shut off the engine, unplug the oil pressure sender connector, remove the stock sender and install your new guage. Start the car, you should have a minimum of 6 psi, 10-20 is ideal, 6 is really low and means you need some internal work. Rev it up and hold the rpm, rule of thumb is 10 psi for every 1000 rpms. If you have this, your oil system is good and replace the factory sending unit.

If you have low oil pressure, then the oil pan has to come off and you need to inspect the bearings. If they look good, install a new oil pump and your off to the races.
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