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Euro Spec TII Shelby Daytona.....

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Guys and girls! Guy is coming next Saturday (14th) to get my parts car for the Engine and tranny. (Getting 875 Euros for Eng/Tranny...did I do good?)So, if any of you want any other goodies off the car, let me know. I know, I know..."He's 7500 Km's away!" Well, lots of trim and small pcs are here...
Euro spec power mirrors (flag/folding style)
Euro spec turn signal lenses (will trade even for a set of NICE white US style)
Tail lights set
LOW mileage instrument cluster (220KMh)

Let me know if anybody needs anything...if the damned rain would stop, I could get out there and start pulling spoilers,glass and body panels!

Let me know!

[email protected]
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Got pics. of these lenses and mirrors, I'm unfamiliar with what they look like.
tailights fs?
Interested in the cluster... picture of the 220kph speedo?
You guys write me direct please at: [email protected] I cannot post images in here...
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