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Date: 14th April 2012
Username: Pat
Full Name: Pat Culkin
City, State, Zip: Rockville, MD
Contact: [email protected] (or PM me here)
Price: see list

More spring cleaning!

3" Magnaflow Cat - originally on a car that I bought for a brief period. Previous owner sliced the pipe to remove. I will be happy to clean up, and weld short sections of 3" pipe to it to make it easy to install however buyer wants. Just let me know. - SOLD

3" Magnaflow Muffler - oval, great shape, not used long. Nice sound, quieter than an ultraflow, but bigger and a bit heavier. $60 shipped

3" Dynomax Ultraflow - straight through, round, nice sound. Smaller and lighter than Magnaflow above, but a bit louder - SOLD

3" aluminized downpipe - with donut, 2nd bung welded in for wideband. The wideband bung weld is a bit sloppy but it is sealed just fine. (not welded by me! ) some light surface rust, but very solid - $60 shipped

2.5" to 3" Gibson stainless exhaust tip - good shape, $25 shipped

two Neon ACR chrome rolled exhuast tips - can be cut, fit and welded to 2.5" pipe $25 shipped for both


1 - 5 of 5 Posts