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90 2.5 turbo daytona

*stock exhaust*

installed big intercooler
installed greddy type rs bov
set gvalve to something above stock :)

floored it

at 12psi, suddenly:


eased of the throttle at this point


gently pulled into nearest parking lot (scraping sounds noted)

stock downpipe had POPPED OUT OF CAT

CAT has less than 2k miles on it

lol...either the clamp i put on it wasnt tight enough or I am generating WAY more pressure in the exhaust system than i was pre-12psi/intercooler

im guessing its the second one, since it didnt pop out when things were at 10psi and no intercooler for 2k miles

god i wish i had my 3" downpipe with a 3" cutout installed
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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