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F/S 90 Daytona VNT

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Decided to sell my 90 Daytona VNT. Runs great and body is perfectly straight, no rust, does need paint though. Odometer quit working before I got it but still runs perfect and is very strong. New A/C that is very cold. Everything works except the headlights are stuck in the up position and the oil pressure guage does not work but still has pressure. Now for the bad news, I slid into a curb and trashed one rims and bent all of the rear suspension pieces. There is no body damage but one rim will have to be replaced and all of the rear suspension pieces. Other than that damage the car is very clean and would be a great car with paint. Make offers.
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few questions:




No way to make an offer with no pics!
thread will be deleted with the lack of posts and lack of information.
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