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ran into a fincial problem. Looks like im going to have to sell some of my toys.

Up for sale is a Blitz SuperSound BOV. This BOV is 3 years old but only has 3,000 miles on it.. It was on a Dodge Shelby GLHS. never saw over 12PSI of boost and functions perfect. Im not using it anymore because I switched to a Hidden BOV (POLICE).

Shipping is Free and it will be shipped on Saturday morning. If you notice in the picture there the Air fitting elbow on top. This is brandnew, I bought it for $20 from Blitz North America last month. The other Snapped off.

There is a tad bit of surface corosion. I polish it off of the Mouth but just take some chrome polish to the body of it to make it show quality.

This is the Universal fit one. It is attached to a 2 1/4" pipe. All is included.

This is a one time opertunity. If this isnt sold by tomorrow evening im selling it to a friend.

PRICE = $85
Please PM or AIM with any questions.

Paypal payment only.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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