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If anyone had told me they had seen what I saw at the junkyard this weekend, I'd quietly consider them a moron. But I saw it with my own eyes, I have enough experience with TD clutches to know what I'm looking for when trying to unbolt the flex plate.. It was in a '93 Caravan. I went to unbolt the flex plate, and like I said, where there were supposed to be bolts, there were rivets. Not pop rivets like some crazed mechanic might do, no these were solid rivits alot like the ones that hold the pressure plate itself together. I don't understand how they bolted it to the engine with the plate already permanently attached the flywheel. Very strange! The van had 133k miles on it.. Lowest mileage tranny I've ever picked up at the JY. 10 guesses why that van was in the junkyard.. Judging by the fine metal flakes I saw in the center of that clutch, I'd say it was worn out and the price to have a pro change it exceeded the value of the van.. Too bad I didn't catch the van before it went in. It was a nice lookin van.
Anyways.. Anyone else ever encountered that? I would have taken pictures but my camera phone sucks, and I didn't want to get it greasy. ;)
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