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Does anyone have a factory window sticker they could scan and email to me showing all the options/prices on their car?

Currently I'm looking for as much data as I can get for the IROC R/T's. VIN need not be included. I am working on a major project to document our R/T's which includes an official registry. The scans will help me put prices on all the available options on the cars.

If you prefer not to provide a scan, your information is still wanted. I will use it to compair to the scans to build integrity into the database.

If you are willing to help PM me directly. No scans will be posted on any website(s). The information given will be reviewed and added to the write up I am currently working on.

HTML gurus also needed to help create the official registry pages which will cover Spirit R/T's and IROC R/T's.

The more facts we can publish about our rare cars the more they may be worth in the future.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts