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I'm in a bind. I just bought it but if I keep it and pursue another TD, my wife may kill me. If I sell, I rather it go to someone here. I'm guessing around $2500 - $3000 would be fair but let me know. I'll post pics this weekend.

Exterior = 7.5 (paint beginning to bubble around rear hatchback and some light surface rust around rear driver's wheel well on the inside, some minor door dings but nothing major, driver's front wheel well has a rub). Paint is thin on some places

Interior = 9.5 Really nice / clean. Has embroidered Daytona mats to boot!

58xxx original miles, automatic, intercooled (MOPAR), oil cooler, almost new Goodyear GTs on original wheels, 3" exhaust, three original Chrysler service maunuals, mint owner's manual, window sticker, bill of sale, ton of spare parts (MacPherson struts, headlights, intercooler hoses and other hoses, injectors, new AC condenser (AC not hooked up). All electronics, gauges, etc. work. Lumbar and leg bolter pump works. Power windows and mirrors work.

Car does not leak any fluids or smoke. The car tracks perfectly and the turbo is strong. I'm not sure if the first owner installed a new Stage II computer but if someone can tell me how to check, I'll look at it.

I just bought the car from the original owner who was an electrical engineer that worked on the G-body cars. I'm pursuing another TD and I can't have both (but may try to swing it if I survive the initial blast from the wife).

This car has a lot of potential.
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