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Feeler: 1986 Omni GLH Turbo - Heavily Modded

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I'm currently having the turbo rebuilt on my car by Turbo Unleashed and due to personal reasons may have to sell once it's back up and running.

1986 - Omni GLH Turbo - Blue

Block : 89 Shelby Daytona, forged internals
Head : Ported "G" Cast From 85 Daytona
Alternator : 89 Shelby Daytona
water pump : 86 GLH-T
P/S pump : 86 GLH-T
AC Compressor : 86 GLH-T
Turbo : Turobnetics T3/T4
Air cleaner : K&N Cone Filter
02 sensor : 89 Shelby Daytona (4 Wire)
Electronics : 87 Shelby Z
Computer : 3-bar custom Relentless performance Calibration by Gary Donovan
Valve Cover : 94 Plymouth Acclaim

Fuel System
Fuel Pump : Mopar 1 Pump Conversion For 86/87 GLHS
Injectors : +40% Injectors At 25psi To Emulate 38# Injectors
Pressure Reg : 89 Shelby Daytona Motifyed To Adjustable, Running stock
55 psi

Cooling System
Intercooler : 90 Porsche 944 Turbo (951) in front bumper (NOT INSTALLED, comes with car, stock intercooler currently installed)
Radiator : 89 Shelby Daytona recorded with 3 core surface
(Modified Upper Hose Neck)
AC Condensor : 86 GLH-T (BLOWS ICE COLD)

555 Trans : 89 Shelby Daytona
Shifter/cables: 88 Shadow ES Turbo
Differential : Quaiffe Limited Slip (torsional)
Clutch Disk : 89 Shelby Daytona
Pressure Plate: 92 Iroc RT

Suspension (aligned and corner balanced)
Springs : Eibach Coil Overs 275/400lbs
Spring Perches: Groung Control Coil Over COnversion
Shocks/struts : Koni Red
Sway Bars : Front: 1 1/8'th Inch PST Rear:1 Inch PST
Bushings : Mopar Preformance Replacement Bushings

Brake System
Front Brakes : 86 Caravan Calipers/Rotors
Rear brakes : 89 Shelby Daytona Vented Disks/Drum E-Brake
Master Cyl. : 89 Shelby Daytona
Porp. Valve : 89 Shelby Daytona
E-Brake cables: 86 GLH-T

Turbo Boost : Automeeter Lighted Guage, Reads To 30psi
EGT : Wesstech EGT Guage (Modifyed With Light)
Oxygen guage : Dawes Devices, Custom Made For Heads Up Use

Blow Off Valve: 91 Eagle Talon With Custom Mounting Flange/Pipe
Exaust : Turbo Unleashed 3" L-Body w/high flow cat and Magnaflow muffler (BRAND NEW, being installed now)
Wheels(4 sets): Kosei 16" 6-spokes for street w/AVS Tires
"Pizza" wheels w/winter tires, 6.5 inch
"Crab" wheels with Kumho V700 Race Tires
"White Pumper" Wheels with no tires mounted
Seats : Custom mounted Honda Del-Sol Seats

Electric Locks with Keyless Entry
Power windows in Front
Authentic Shelby Black Leather 3-spoke Steering Wheel in Mint Condition
ALL NEW CARPET Currently Being Installed while car is down for turbo rebuild

High End Stereo System with Pioneer Premier Headunit, 4 Component Speakers (custom mounted in front doors/air vents & rear C-pillar), Alpine 5channel AMP, Alpine 10" sub.

*** Also comes with a lot of stock parts that I can't even begin to list here, stock head and turbo come to mind.

Interior is above average, Del Sol seats look nice, new carpet and perfect wheels.

Exterior is average. Paint is faded on roof/hood. Some places where paint is peeling and a little rust beginnning around the rear wheel wells. Car is fine as is for a weekend track car, might need a couple small weld-fixes and a repaint to be a nice street car.

Going to put car on dyno before selling, I'm guessing around 250whp at a safe 18psi 93 octane setting. Car will absolutely destroy a 350Z on the highway. Also have pulled on a 996 Carrera. Has a 3 adjustable boost settings - stock 14psi, 18psi pump gas and 30psi race gas. The 30psi has never been used as previous owner was waiting to have 944 intercooler installed first. Handling and braking are phenominal, feels quicker and handles nicer than my 05 EVO did.

I'm considering asking $6500, does this sound fair?

Any insight GREATLY appreciated.

Car is located in Monroe, CT.

Bill Martinson
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No doubt the car is worth it, it's just finding the right buyer. Too rich for my blood but would love to see some pics. Sounds like an awesome car.
The car sounds awesome, but the price may be a sticking point for a car with rust and paint issues.
"....Going to put car on dyno before selling,....."

Bill your GLH sounds interesting....the NE-SDAC club is having a Dyno Day in E. Hartford, CT on May 10th you should attend and do that testing w/ the gang. who knows you may find a buyer there. more info go here:

Welcome to the New England Shelby Dodge Automobile Club!
damn, too bad those dyno days are so far away.

how'd he get a 86 water pump on a common block? i thought they didnt fit?? :**
All you have to do is clearance the oil pan a bit ;)
Mark - ice cold a/c, remote locks and power windows and it's local...who might that buyer be ;)
Thanks for the comments everybody. I bought this car from a friend and Tubro Dodge enthusiest before he moved to Texas and couldn't take the car with him. I'm familiar with these cars, but wanted to get a feel for the market since it looks like I'll have to let it go.

Don't think I'll make it for May 10th, thanks for the link though, that would've been perfect. The turbo was either just mailed out or will go out this weekend, I have to check with my mechanic. After that it'll take 10 days to be rebuilt, then I have to get the turbo, carpet and exhaust installed. My mechinic is also checking for leaks while the carpet is out and replacing any neccessary weather stripping. So we're looking at most likely June for it to be finished, just to give a timeframe to any interested parties.

Here's all the pics I have right now. After I get it back I can take pictures of any part of the car for people.

As you the can see the rust really is minor. If it didn't have to be pretty, you could probably just get the few spots weld fixed and just get those spots touched up at a body shop. That's probably what I would've tried if I was going to keep it.

Thanks again,
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the "paint issues" appear to be minimal. That's a damn good looking car.
Bill - it looks pretty nice - too bad you can't make it to the dyno day, I have a santa fe blue glht as well. We're also having a turbododge day at Lebanon Valley Dragway with our own racing lanes and prizes on May 31. Push your mechanic to get it ready and bring it to that event!!!

One note on your post and the photos you put up. You have the pizza's listed ast 6.5". I don't think Chrysler ever made any 6.5 pizza wheels - I believe they were all 6" wheels. Are these custom made or something? Also, are those Eagle VR50's that I see on the pizzas? If they are, they wouldn't happen to be 205/50's would they?

DAMN!!! sweet car! like the K1's on it. only other omni i seen those on was russ jeromes i think. looks nice. i got some cheap looking 5 spokes on mine.
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