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finally installed srt-4 intercooler

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this is my best upgrade so far i can hold 15psi of boost and it has power all the time no more heat soaked intercooler for me :D was very easy to install just had to trim my bumper and drill holes in my fog light brackets and bolted it up works great
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Is it in a Spirit or Daytona? Were you able to keep your a/c? I would love to put a front mount in my Spirit R/T but unwilling to give up the a/c.

I want a see pics also. Did you bring the piping under the radiator support?
i had to modify one side of the intercooler because both tubes run straight back so i had it cut and used a holesaw and welded it on at almost a 90 degree angle so it would point towards my battery, i took it to the muffler shop and had some tubes made that would run from the hoses that connected to my stock intercooler to my new on. so there was no hose cutting but to connect my tb hose to my intercooler i had to cut out part of my core support to run the pipe from the tb to the intercooler very easy with a plama cutter, now i need to get a new bumper, the one i have on my car i cut it so i knew my intercooler would fit so it looks really crapy and no i didnt ruin it it was already junk so when i get my new bumper i am going to cut to form around the intercooler

how do i post pics on here i have never did
oh i forgot on the a/c the lines were disconected on my car so i took out the condenser but i am sure the way i set my intercooler you could keep the a/c
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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