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I think i may have messed up while changing spark plug wire.

My chrylser book show exactly the oposite order for the spark to coil arrangement to what i have on my car, tryed it and no start at all.

the bool show this:

(coil block)

3 - 2
| |
4 -1

Actualy my car is wired

| |

Beside that, i changed my injector succesffuly yesterday,
Till i removed my fuel pressure gauge from the fuel supply line (between the fuel rail and suply hose)

I removed pressure by using the method shown in Chrysler book, connection jumpers to the injector harness as usual.

Didnt tryed the car till this morning.

No start.... if i put the pedal to the metal the engine barely manage to keep turning.

Anyone have a clue ??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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