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I removed my modified SRT-4 FMIC and installed this IC I got off ebay. 2.5'' in/out tubing. It mounted real easy to the front bumper and the piping looks alot better than the ghetto piping I had for the SRT IC. Seems to boost a little quicker and the engine temp seems to cool better.
FMIC Turbo Intercooler 23"x11"x3"
I kinda wish I had bought one just a little bit longer, there is some extra room behind the bumper. I got the silicon hose from siliconintakes.com.


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so nearly the same sq inches of ambient air and about 10 times more boost flow lol. Very nice. Where did you find that one? How much? About perfect for the 2 door L bodys.

The SRT IC flows horrid and it is a big plus to remove it from an SRT 4. Like SRT guys your exhaust back pressure is lower now to make the same boost. Even though the pipes take longer to fill your turbo can still fill the intake faster.

Instead of bigger how about sealing the bumper to force it all through the IC? The upper hole will feed a bit more to the engine rad anyway. Maybe get a flat aliminum plate the size of the back side of the bumper and screw it down, then add the holes for the IC and screw it down to the plate. Yours is nicer than the one I got as the mounting tabs are in a great place.
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