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Hi all. Really don't want to get rid of this car, but I just have to own up to the fact that it would make way more sense for me to own a pickup truck instead. Car is in Addison, TX (North Dallas). Here's the skinny:

3.0L 5 speed. Motor needs a rebuild -- pretty sure there's a head gasket leak but not blown badly (Burns coolant and oil but both the oil and the coolant don't look to have coolant or oil in them, respectively). Car runs and drives well though I'm not sure it can pass the emissions test as-is. Transmission sometimes grinds just a bit going into third -- you might not notice it on a test-drive but might start pissin ya off if you drive it often. Roughly 175k miles on the car (haven't looked in a while, but right around there.) Motor has the standard upgrades -- airbox removed, plenum spacer, underdrive pulley, 52mm throttle body.

Konis/Eibachs and the biggest sway bars you can get, all around.

Needs new front tires but they're not totally bald -- probably just enough tread to pass inspection (needs an alignment...)

No major exterior damage, but I'd say every single panel has at least one dent of some sort including hail damage.

Interior is in OK shape for a 15 year old car. CD/mp3 player, can't remember what I put in for speakers and amps but it sounds pretty good. The center armrest is out of the car as it's cracked and I was attempting to fix it, eventually decided that I was going to put in a Neon center console, which I never got around to. Autometer vaccum, oil pressure, and air/fuel gauges in the center console.

Locks, mirrors, and windows are all _manual_. Has rear defrost and fog lamps.

Comes with the car, but not ON the car:
In the trunk is a full Spirit R/T brake setup. Never got around to putting them on.
A pair of power mirrors I never got around to putting on...
I have a set of 16" Lebaron GTC 'Lace' wheels. Started cleaning them up, but never got around to finishing (You see the trend? ;)

I'll get some pics up in a bit. I will trade straight-up for an old Toyota/Nissan 4x4, willing to consider a trade of sorts for _any_ pickup truck. All in all the car is in pretty good shape for 15 years old and it is _fun_ to drive.

If buying, I'm looking to get $2500. Yeah, I know it sounds steep, but just the Konis, Eibachs, sway bars, 16" lace wheels and spirit r/t brakes are worth half that price. Especially since you can't get Konis anymore. And the V6/5spd is pretty rare in the Shadows.

Will still listen to any offers though.

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