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the freeze plug on the back of the block on my 5.9 fell out,came out, or blew out im not real sure. i have never had this happen on any of the other diesels ive owned. its a 2004 and only has 110000 miles on it. i noticed it was runnin a little hot on a three hour trip a couple of weeks ago. i thought i mite of be because i was driving 80 on the interstate. well that nite the temp alert on my juice moniter went off and said it was runnin at 210 i thought it might have been the thermostat i changed it the next mornin when i got the new one thats when i realized the freeze plug had came out when i was filling it up with coolant. i was wondering if any one could tell me the cause of this problem and a solution to gettin the hard to reach thing back in.
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