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Front left half shaft removal on an 88 daytona?

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We were trying to replace an outer cv boot on the front, left side and we ended up pulling the entire half shaft out. I was wondering if there is a retaining clip on the inside of the shaft, that holds the shaft itself into the transmission? Or does it just sit in there. We were able to just pull it out, without any signs of a clip.
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you should change the whole shaft you can get one from a autozone or advanced auto parts for about 60 dollars and have a warranty
I agree that you should just replace the axle. However, I would suggest getting it from NAPA. I would also replace the seal while you have it out.

And, no, there is no retaining clip. They're supposed to come right out and slide right back in.
Yeah there inexpensive but this one is already in very good shape. I just wanted to know if the axle just slides out of the tranny of if theres supposed to be a clip that holds it in. Thanks for the info. I'll take a good look at the seal.
If the axle has never been out there is a possibility there is a retaining ring on the end of the shaft. They put them on the axles at the factory to keep them from falling out on the assembly line. You may have to pry between the tranny and inner cv housing to get it past the ring. Once you get the ring compressed, it slides right out just like the rest of them. The first half inch is the problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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