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Picked the car up as a project a few months ago. Put a brand new VNT turbo on it from fwdperformance. Car has all shelby items except for fiber rides. Car has recarro seats (in good condition!). The car starts up and runs now. It still smokes as the last turbo failed leaving oil all in the exhaust. The car needs new breaks (or needs them bled) and I believe it needs timed (i drove the car down the block, and the turbo spools, but doesn't reach full boost) could also be a boost leak? Either way I don't have the time right now. I intended to make this a weekend driver, but instead decided to go back to school. I'd rather sell this car to an enthusiast then have it sit in my garage. This is a clean california car that will make some owner very happy. Not looking to make a profit, just want back what i've put in the car for tuition. Will ship if buyer arranges. Thanks

Here's some pictures from a previous thread. I can get specific/detailed pictures upon request. May not have time for another week or so though

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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