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I have a whole bunch of stuff that stems from a single purchase of a motor from a person whom on these forums who was NOT a very honest seller. (95Turbovan). Instead of selling me a "rebuilt" 2.5 T1 motor, I got a "refreshed" motor with some question marks about certain things that came with it. Mind you, I should have asked for paperwork or something substantiating a "rebuild", but I did not. With that lesson learned for the future, let me get on to what we have here for sale. I believe that the sum of the parts that made up the engine I bought are worth more piecemeal to those who are looking for things they need to keep their rides going or just get them up and running.

Without any further adue, I will describe as best as I can, what I have. I can assure you that being a true car guy, I have checked everything out and that any further information can be had by contacting via email or telephone.

Here it goes: Feel free to make offers on ANY of the items.

***782 Cylinder Head*** supposedly freshened not too long ago, this cylinder head appears very original to me. Given that it is from an '89 2.5 T1 motor, it has the roller camshaft in it. 11mm Headbolts are used in this application. In the pic, I have to red arrows point to two bolt intake bolt holes that appear to have been heli-coiled, both would need to be re-helicoiled as they came out when I disassembled the intake and exhaust mani's off the head. A new t-stat and gasket are all bolted in on the head and ready to go. If you have a cracked head or a warped head, this would be a great answer of replacement for your ride.

$100 + shipping for the head.

***'89 2.5 T1 shortblock assembly***Again, supposedly freshened engine; bores look clean, pistons are stock originals; appears to have had a quickie re-ring and re-bearing job done to it, Oil pan was a little dirty and I cleaned it up a little, new oil pan gasket, water pump and distributor are NEW.

$300 + shipping or you pick up here in CT.

***Garrett Aireasearch M10 Turbo*** This one appears to have been rebuilt, all the plugs to cap off holes are still there. It still have the stock swing valve and has no shaft play; very clean part. Rear bracket on turbo to secure housing was missing, a solution of bolts and washers seems to have rendered it useful once again. Part number on Garrett Tag read as follows:
4105800, and then another number below it: 466298-7 and then finally a number stamped next to those two: 0A1257.

$150.00 obo + shipping of course...

And here are some smaller items:

Stock 5 bolt crank pulley $10 + shipping

Stock auto trans flex plate with crankshaft bolts $15 + shipping

Bead blasted A/C brackets with little "I" bone spacer $20 + shipping

Patched up Exhaust Manifold from the 2.5 T1 motor. Substaintial weld repair appears to have been performed (looks decent) but welds need to be ground down and smoothed out to be considered finished and functional in the correct sense. $Make and offer.

Universal Type Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail. Orignally fitted onto the single piece intake on this 2.5 with no modifications...appears to have fit nicely. $25 + shipping.

I have PICTURES of all the items listed above. Just PM me and I will email them to you! Also, if the major items are not all sold off or a good portion of them not sold and you want the whole deal, just PM me and we can work out a package deal on the motors main components. I am open to that option as well. Like I said in the beginning of the ad, I just thought the sum of the parts might be better used parted out.

I just want to try and recover at least some of my money. I am open to offers, so don't be afraid to ask, just be reasonable....Help a guy out here.

My email address is: [email protected]

Thanks :)

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TURBO- SALE PENDING!!! (calculating shipping costs)

2.5 SHORT BLOCK- SALE POSSIBLY PENDING! (will know Hopefully sometime soon) If you are interested still, PM me and get a "next in line" spot!


All I have left basically is the bead blasted A/C brackets and "I" bone Spacer...
Make it $20 shipped anywhere in the USA...$35 if it goes north of the border.
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