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I'm putting my 89 CSX-VNT up for sale. Our first is due in early August and with gas and food prices what they are we could use the money more than the fun car (I cannot believe the price of baby stuff. Somewhere at Graco a rich man is laughing manically while sipping brandy and throwing money on a fire.) That said; though I am looking to sell the car; I'm not in a pinch to do it. The reason I'm saying that is because though I am willing to move a bit on the price I'm not going to give it away; so if you low ball don't be surprised not to get a reply.

I'm also offering an option to buy all the performance parts I have bought that were going to go into the car. I will not sell the parts separate unless the car is sold (the reason for that is if the car doesn't sell I'll eventually use them) . So with out further ado.

The car is 89 CSX-VNT #91, it has just over 90k on it, Recaro car, mostly stock (has a 2.5" exhaust all the way down, sunroof, custom programed ECU, cone filter intake, and bov installed. original intake system and ECU comes with it) and is in very nice shape over all. The biggest visual issue IMHO is the fact that the headliner is gone, it's an easy replacement though. There is the usual P-body inside trunk rust and some paint nicks from age, but there is no underside rust (except the trunk). The engine is in nice shape; I did a compression test not long ago and it was good to go (140's across the board). It does have a very slow leak from the water pump (so slow it doesn't drip, just evaporates) so a new pump comes with the car, also the rear bobble strut squeaks a bit at cold idle, but goes away after a bit. The Fiberides are in awesome shape and all the Shebly equipment is present and looking good (the front air damn has the most paint chips and could use a respray, but it isn't cracked). Also included is a brand new rear medallion to replace the chipped one, literature about the car, the manuals, the window sticker, and a few OEM stickers and other small parts. Pics are below (FM sickers on the side windows are now gone). The car is located near Harrisburg, PA; I'm asking $8,000.

The parts that are an option to buy with it are as follows:

Brand new Weisco 8v .020 over pistons
Brand new TU K1 forged rods
Magna-fluxed 2.2 forged crank (polished, checked, and good to go)
Two new mopar oil pumps and a clevite pickup (thats the one that doesn't need to be modded for a full screen)
ARP main studs
ARP head studs
TU performance oil pan
New lower gasket set
New timing belt and tensioner
Magna-fluxed and tanked common block
Ported 1-piece intake
287 casting G-head (complete, stock)
Spare Intermediate shaft
568 shifter
Spare distributer (complete from cap down)
probably a couple more things I can't remember.

The parts are an extra $2k or if you want me to have the bottom end professionally put together it's $3k (that includes all machine work hone with plate, deck, align bore hone mains, bearings, balance, etc). Here is a pic of some of the parts. Thank you for your interest.


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I would be willing to trade it for a good condition TD (rolling chase is fine if in great shape) and some money. That way I could stay in the hobby and still pay for some baby stuff.
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