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I've got a set of door panels and the rear seats from a 1989 Shelby CSX. The car was wrecked and various parts had been removed and stored in a barn, of all things. Luckily, they were semi-boxed up so they're not in bad shape at all....but in need of a serious cleaning.

The seats are DIRTY!!!! I did brush the upholstery off with a stiff brush and wiped the vinyl off with some water and a rag to remove the worst dirt, but have done no cleaning of them at all.....and the pictures show that.

The fabric is completely intact except for what appears to be a cig burn hole on the bottom seat cushion that's about pinkie fingertip in size. That's the only problem.....otherwise, no tears, rips, etc.

The door panels are intact....no cracks or breaks in the cardboard backing; no tears, rips, etc. in the fabric. Again, they need a good upholstery cleaning!!!

The seats.

Left, driver's, door panel

Right, passenger's, door panel

OK.....they'll be coming out of Savannah, GA......there's a UPS Store there that will take these items, pack them, then ship them. I have no facility or way to pack them, so if they have to be shipped, this is how they'll be done. The buyer will arrange all this with the UPS Store......and this one will take credit cards via phone. :)

I'm asking $250 for the complete set......obo.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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